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Avatarism Presents: The Re-Emergence of Personal Mythos


Avatarism Presents: The Re-Emergence of Personal Mythos

This is an amazing article by Wesley Thoricatha that was posted on It outlines the connections between Avatarism, transformational festivals and our ability to change ourselves through consciousness. 


“Coyote,” by Bryan Tedrick, an interactive Burning Man art installation.    Image courtesy of

“Coyote,” by Bryan Tedrick, an interactive Burning Man art installation. 
Image courtesy of

“We can become the stars of our own lives, instead of the downtrodden victims of life. Change the script, change the movie. Write your life. Speak the words. Hear your voice as the will of the living god manifest in action. I am here to create beauty, I am here to give healing, I am here to collect the mysteries of life, I am here to manifest, realize, and love, I am here to give myself back into the spring.”
— – Alexander Polinsky, founder of Avatarism

Where do your dreams and visions come from? How about your daily behaviors, or the story of your life?  If you are like most people, these come from a variety of sources, some of them beloved and intimate, others banal, practical, and seemingly beyond our control. But what if your daily actions, your regular behaviors, your life story, and the very way you see yourself all came from a unified, sacred narrative that weaves through every aspect of your life? This is the gem that awaits those who take the reigns of their own story and cultivate a radically creative life through personal mythology.

Intuitive Art

One of the most direct ways we express ourselves as humans in through art, yet the art world, like many areas of our culture, suffers largely from commercialization and myopic trendiness. But beyond the walls of institutionalized art and patiently outlasting the latest trends persists a mode of expression that has been present since the brush of our oldest ancestors first touched a cave wall. Intuitive art, which encompasses outsider art, visionary art, and art brut, celebrates artists whose process is largely untamed by formal art training or the status quo. It is art motivated by a unique personal vision and the passionate compulsion to manifest it in reality, often in seclusion and without any thought of how it might be received by critics. It utilizes symbols and materials that map out the artist’s inner landscape, resulting in a transformational journey captured on canvas where the artist is both the subject and object of their art. Intuitive art carries the energetic imprint of personal metamorphosis as inner visions are honored and given form, not for fame or money, but for the process of expression itself. This realm of art is not closed to an elite or educated few; it is open to all, and it’s a powerful way to start expressing the story of your inner world.

When people adorn themselves with intricate costumes that takes months of preparation and work, are we seeing them out of their element, or in a rare authentic moment? 

Burning Man

Arguably the greatest intuitive art gallery in the world is the one that appears every year in the Black Rock desert at the Burning Man festival, as tens of thousands of (mostly self-taught) people create everything from art installations to mutant vehicles to fantastical costumes. Be the person you always wanted to be, dress the way you’ve always wanted to dress, assume the identity of any character you’ve ever wanted to become. This is the invitation that burn events offer, and while much of it is whimsical, any authentic, boundary-expanding leap of self-expression carries with it a profound impression that leaves participants with experiences that stick with them their whole lives. The reason the popular greeting “Welcome home!” is so often heard is that people are returning home to their original selves, with the permission and encouragement to create their reality and be exactly who they’ve always wanted to be. This is personal mythology at its essence, and in action on a huge scale.


So you begin to make intuitive art in your spare time, and you attend burn events, but these actions remain in the margins of your life – a special retreat, rather than the norm. How do you integrate personal mythos into your daily life? One exciting answer to that question is a new movement called Avatarism. Alexander Polinsky, with a big dose of inspiration from his experiences at Burning Man, coined the term Avatarism as a way to live one’s life with inspired levels of continuous conscious creation.

In essence, Avatarism is the practice of seeing yourself as an avatar, a character in the game of Life, and it invites you to take creative control of your own self-definitions and intentionally develop the traits, connections, and skills that you most want for yourself – just as if you were playing a video game or a pen-and-paper role-playing game. It is a methodology for self-actualization and self improvement, and offers a practical means to formulate and keep track of your goals through the use of a character sheet which lists both your current abilities and your future vision for yourself. As goals are met, they are added to the sheet and new directions are mapped out. As top-level athletes, business executives, self-help gurus, and cavemen painting game on cave walls knew, positive visualization can have an enormous influence in our lives and help us attain goals we set for ourselves. In this way, Avatarism is taking powerful ancient wisdom and translating it into the language of the video game generation, not just for manifesting specific changes, but to write the story of our entire lives in a way that comes from our most epic visions.

Personal Mythology

Mythology is not simply some quaint or antiquated form of fantastic storytelling; it is the tapestry of cultural, spiritual, and personal belief that together makes up the way we understand and interact with the world. Creating art from the soul, radically expressing yourself at transformational festivals, and bringing the magic of personal mythos into your life through avatarism are all exciting ways to embrace personal mythology and become the person we’ve always wanted to be… and have always secretly been.

So, what is your story?

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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Avatarism Presents: Pleasure Up, Part I


Avatarism Presents: Pleasure Up, Part I

The purpose of playing the game of avatarsism can ultimately be;
Power up
Mindfulness up
Character level up
Pleasure up


the knowledge and certainty that YOU create The place from which your pleasure is coming. You are the generator of your own pleasure.Your pleasure originates with you and nowhere else. No book, no preacher, no guru, no god or master can give you your pleasure.

They can be a key to the garden…

But only you can open the door. 

Conscious character creation can be very pleasurable. Seeking and embodying skills and mindsets that you don’t currently possess may help you progress beyond your current level of self mastery and lead to a significant increase in personal pleasure when you realize you can do and be more that you were.

You are perfect, whole, and ready for more.

When you are in the flow of up leveling, mastering some new aspect of yourself, standing on the edge of your known abilities, and looking into the great wide open space of the possible, that is when our reactions and judgements take a back seat and we can feel the real thrill and pleasure of living.

This is why Avatarism is so much fun for people who are attracted to change. 

If you are made of stone and nothing and no one makes a chip in your façade, you run the risk of becoming stagnant, cold, and losing the ability to discern the great things that my lay right beyond your electric fence. 

Without a wider view of the other paths and avatars available to you for embodiment, your scope of vision both spiritually and mentally remains small.

Open your mind. 

Small minds experience small pleasures.

Expansiveness of mind and expansiveness of self understanding can lead to a larger pleasure circuit. 

Pleasure is your birthright.

No matter what your background is, you experience suffering. We all have pain and anxiety.  All of us humans run old brain programs that keep us from seeing ourselves as ultimately changeable. 

How we view suffering and how we maintain pleasure through suffering is important. 

You can integrate your suffering while creating a new brain program that experiences pleasure while the suffering is occurring. 

Avatarism can be the game that we play as we look for those skills and decide that we can embody them, even as we are suffering. 

Creating yourself in the NOW moment not only buffers the suffering but creates a whole new mindset that is based on what your highest vision of yourself may be, and then says EMBODY IT! 

Using the game of Avatarism to ferment your character in this way can alleviate the suffering and up level you into a whole realm of possibilities that are free from holds, considerations, tightness of mind, and a host of anxieties and preprogrammed fears that are not welcome. 

IRev. Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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Avataism presents: “Passion and Sacrifice”


Avataism presents: “Passion and Sacrifice”

This is a blog about Avatarism and what it may be doing to you even now!

Avatarism may be a game that you already play. Even if it’s only once a year at Halloween; you dress up as your fantasy character, and feel the energy shift in you. You may put on your grandmothers shawl and suddenly feel her warm and inviting arms around you, or you may wear superman underwear, or have tattoos, maybe you just dance like Michael Jackson in the dark, by yourself.

Embodying another type of person can give you some of their powers. I wear a clown nose at really inappropriate times and it actually makes my life better. It saved me from 2 traffic tickets!!!!! The universe appreciates a little play in the flow, so play becomes wholly important, when you know.

 When I embody another character or archetype, i can be more spontaneous, I suddenly have a unique perspective on the mundane, I am living in a slightly sharper reality. Who doesn’t want to be a pirate, or a Kitten, or a porn star, or a mail man. I will not judge you, I will uphold you. That’s the game. Tell me who you want to be and I’ll uphold you.  

Can I get an, “I’m In!?”

Because, shit! What’s life about if you can’t feel really awesome about yourself some/most of the time?  You may be missing out on 2 of the most fun, free, drugs in the universe. CONFIDENCE and JOY!

Avatarism is the meta-programming tool that I used to chang my life, again and again and always for good. From being a movie actor, to doing army ranger camp, enthogenic roller coaster tests,  fire dancing, skydiving, and singing the national anthem….in H.S. homeroom… a dress, . I am unleveled!!!

Everything is a trip, and the trip, is the point. -iRev. Alexander Polinsky

So as I was saying, every passion has its corresponding sacrifice. What you spend your time on, you begin to specialize in, and be shaped by. Habitual happenings in your day are either assisting you in your goal achieving, or robbing you of your life-force. 

 You may wonder why you need three starbucks just to function, and a beer/wine/sleeping pill to sleep. Some of us are numbing our feelings out and then amping ourselves up for more numbing. Amp, numb,amp,numb,amp, numb…..on and on……and all to keep up the illusion that it’s all working. That we are happy. That this stuff is the best that life has to offer. 

Bordom is a choice, even if you are in a small cell with no windows. Create a program of focused, positive ideas. Breathe, slow down the subconscious idea cascade.


*“I love you, I am you” -Dr. Ahee 

*“I am a living god(dess) conscious of my power, able to transmute, heal, and love. -iRev. 

"My entire day is about the magic of possibility” -iRev. Alexander Polinsky.

“Yoiks” -Woody allen

Interrupt your pattern, and create a whole new moment in the next moment, if you want. Free of the ideas, constraints of the last.

Make dead sure, you are doing something that makes you feel alive, every day. Put on a clean shirt, sweep up the glass, pay the bills, and then embody your highest vision you have for yourself today. 

I watered my garden and saw a Praying Mantis, picked a ripe apple off my tree, and ate it for breakfast in the sunshine. It’s simple folks. Make your view screen microscopic to see the rainbow in a drop of water. Look deeper. 

Loving you,

Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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Photo courtesy of the lovely Amanda Sage!




I am interested in how we all develop our character.

Is it a willy nilly random process?

Have we been fermenting our own individualized culture skillfully? Have we tried to break our patterns only to find that we get attacked by the people that “know,” us.

I am looking into the depth of control that the media, parents, friends/enemies and others, exert on us to keep us “safe,” and not threatening to the herd. 

Where did our past learning lead us? Have we come to a present moment where drama, anxiety, and judgment rule our lives? 

How long can we/are we willing to stay in that hell?

I have seen that there are choices, so many choices that there might be confusion as to which paths/skills/roads to use, and copy for use on this platform.

Have we copied some degenerate, non-ideal, not wholly chosen programs?

I am curious how the web of information lands on each one of us. Do we accept the infostream without due process?

Are we walking/talking robots in a sort of self induced hypnosis?  

Are we affected by everything to such an extent that we need drugs and simple minded/shocking entertainment to distract us from the painful reality that EVERYTHING IS WITHIN OUR GRASP.

Does new data turn on the fear circuits, or activate excitement? Are you neophillic or neophobic? Do you know?

Did we become the person we are now because of some accidental collision of fear evasion and pleasure seeking?



I say fuck the fucking fuckers! Recede from the info cascade of TV/TALK RADIO/POP MAGAZINES/POP PSYCHOLOGY/ AND FAST FOOD CULTURE.


We have only so much time left before the sun explodes. 

We can begin to craft our character as more brilliant, powerful, and free than we ever thought possible.

“YOU can be the SUPERHERO of your childhood fantasy. WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for. " - Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism may be the game that finally PLAYS us out of the fallacy that "people cannot change." 


Any self limiting, negative concept, phrase, or mantra that pops into your head can be labeled SYSTEMIC BLACK MAGIC. These programs should be immediately refuted, reprogrammed, and made impotent with the power of AVATARISTIC META-PROGRAMMING.


(or any contrary action you can devise to squash the demons)

Decide continually who you want to be, what skills to collect, and let us help you implement them by the process of SHARING AND UPHOLDING. 

You tell me who you want to be, who you really are beneath all the former degenerate programming, and when you need it most, I will remind you. 

No more returning to the baseline of survival or mere stasis, but continually returning to the ideal that you have designed for yourself, and wish for yourself in your best and most powerful moments.

No need to start over from scratch, lifting yourself up from the scum on the street. We can begin from self love, brilliant skill, and a strong sense of purpose upheld by the other Avatars we uphold in turn.

Its a Victorious cycle, not a vicious one. Finally!!!!

Love and discovery,

Alexander Polinsky


Avatarism presents, on the road to happiness….


Avatarism presents, on the road to happiness….


where you could,

Stop….listen….and integrate,

through will, magic,

or meditation, 

and change your operating system.

let all your notions about yourself dissolve, transcend the monologue of the super villain in your mind, stop worrying about possible future outcomes, and take back your power effortlessly.

If you have a super villain voice inside that talks shit to you, then that means you have to acknowledge that there are two people talking here!

Which one do you want to listen to?

Your voice, your speaking voice, the one that comes from your own mouth, that’s the real one. Let that voice come to your aid in times of peril, or rampant inward shit talking.

“You might be crazy if you talk to yourself, but you’re fucking insane if you talk shit to yourself.” - Alexander Polinsky

The game of Avatarism is a way to strengthen character, ferment character, build character. Nothing can be built if the inward bastard has the floor. Unhorse that a-hole with a clear, and loud comunication.

Something like these…

NO! Stop! I have the helm! This life is for living in happiness and harmony! You shut it! Hey buddy, stop with the B.S. This is how it’s gonna go……I am a living manifestation of the godhead in action, meant to create beauty,uphold myself and others in the game. ZIP IT! Get back. Jump back, kiss myself! Hot Pants! This is the prime directive……..


No matter what phrase you use to pattern interrupt yourself, DO IT, START IT, PERFECT IT. 

Life will become easier, more creative, and you will be more accepting of others and their B.S.

All in,

Alexander Polinsky