This is a blog about Avatarism and what it may be doing to you even now!

Avatarism may be a game that you already play. Even if it’s only once a year at Halloween; you dress up as your fantasy character, and feel the energy shift in you. You may put on your grandmothers shawl and suddenly feel her warm and inviting arms around you, or you may wear superman underwear, or have tattoos, maybe you just dance like Michael Jackson in the dark, by yourself.

Embodying another type of person can give you some of their powers. I wear a clown nose at really inappropriate times and it actually makes my life better. It saved me from 2 traffic tickets!!!!! The universe appreciates a little play in the flow, so play becomes wholly important, when you know.

 When I embody another character or archetype, i can be more spontaneous, I suddenly have a unique perspective on the mundane, I am living in a slightly sharper reality. Who doesn’t want to be a pirate, or a Kitten, or a porn star, or a mail man. I will not judge you, I will uphold you. That’s the game. Tell me who you want to be and I’ll uphold you.  

Can I get an, “I’m In!?”

Because, shit! What’s life about if you can’t feel really awesome about yourself some/most of the time?  You may be missing out on 2 of the most fun, free, drugs in the universe. CONFIDENCE and JOY!

Avatarism is the meta-programming tool that I used to chang my life, again and again and always for good. From being a movie actor, to doing army ranger camp, enthogenic roller coaster tests,  fire dancing, skydiving, and singing the national anthem….in H.S. homeroom… a dress, . I am unleveled!!!

Everything is a trip, and the trip, is the point. -iRev. Alexander Polinsky

So as I was saying, every passion has its corresponding sacrifice. What you spend your time on, you begin to specialize in, and be shaped by. Habitual happenings in your day are either assisting you in your goal achieving, or robbing you of your life-force. 

 You may wonder why you need three starbucks just to function, and a beer/wine/sleeping pill to sleep. Some of us are numbing our feelings out and then amping ourselves up for more numbing. Amp, numb,amp,numb,amp, numb…..on and on……and all to keep up the illusion that it’s all working. That we are happy. That this stuff is the best that life has to offer. 

Bordom is a choice, even if you are in a small cell with no windows. Create a program of focused, positive ideas. Breathe, slow down the subconscious idea cascade.


*“I love you, I am you” -Dr. Ahee 

*“I am a living god(dess) conscious of my power, able to transmute, heal, and love. -iRev. 

"My entire day is about the magic of possibility” -iRev. Alexander Polinsky.

“Yoiks” -Woody allen

Interrupt your pattern, and create a whole new moment in the next moment, if you want. Free of the ideas, constraints of the last.

Make dead sure, you are doing something that makes you feel alive, every day. Put on a clean shirt, sweep up the glass, pay the bills, and then embody your highest vision you have for yourself today. 

I watered my garden and saw a Praying Mantis, picked a ripe apple off my tree, and ate it for breakfast in the sunshine. It’s simple folks. Make your view screen microscopic to see the rainbow in a drop of water. Look deeper. 

Loving you,

Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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Photo courtesy of the lovely Amanda Sage!