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If you’re interested in one-on-one or group virtual coaching with iRev. Alexander, fill out this form and we will send you the menu of courses available to uplevel to a deeper understanding of self with the roots of Avatarism and see how you have been playing this game all along. Alex will guide you through the mission of shattering doubt in a series of activities designed to help you create a more powerful character embodiment. 

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This is something that is priceless to me, has transformed me more powerfully than anything in my entire existence, and is the type of thing that, once known, is impossible to keep from those you love.
— Thomas Waymouth
Alex Polinsky is a rare combination of artist and leader, an inspirer and motivator who infuses everything he touches with his heart and soul. To be in his presence and feel his spirit is truly life-changing, and I have witnessed countless others who were as moved as I was by his performances, speaking and music. He showers his audience with song, acting, meditation, leadership, humor, dance and more to create deep engagement with his audience. Those of us who have discovered him, treasure the experience. Hopefully, one day, the whole world will be blessed to discover this uniquely inspiring spiritual guide, community leader, artist and human being. It will be a much better place for it.
— Michael Berkowitz
I feel I have gained an incredible amount of useful knowledge and yes, a renewed boost to self after your honesty and integrity of the work. I look forward to taking another class with and even getting some one on one time to further my acting skills and hone in on my
abilities and talent.
— Heather Shepard
Just wanted to thank you and let you how much I enjoyed your class. It was great to learn in such a relaxed, supportive environment and I appreciate your taking the time to share your knowledge, provide direction, and for making me feel less anxious about performing. Thank you for your help!
— T. Barrett
Alex is very encouraging and supportive, he instills confidence, and quickly brings out your best work. He has a great ear, and simplifies the whole process of getting it right.
— David Race