What is Avatarism?

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself.  

Avatarism is an open source Game/Philosophy of conscious character creation. 

Avatarism is a transformational movement with you at the center.  

Avatarism is the game we have been playing since the beginning of our culture. 

Avatarism is an exciting, creative, and spiritual process where you learn to to transform yourself from what you have been into what you want to become. 

The root of Avatarism is Avatara, an ancient Sanskrit word meaning godlike humans or real superheroes. 

Avatarism asks you.... Who have you been being?

Is it working?

What are your super powers?

What are you creating in your life? 

What are you embodying?

How will you arrive at realization?

Are you achieving the mastery and skills you desire? 

Who are you?

We have all met people that seemed like they had “the answer.” 

We have seen others make their dreams a reality in the world and wondered how to do that and make these things real and manifested in our own life.

Avatarism is the game you are already playing. 

You are perfect, whole, complete, and ready for more!!!!

When we play at the edge of our ability and push further...we are in flow. 

Time goes away, the judgemental mind is silenced, and the play...becomes the life.

As you play the game, you begin to realize that the degenerate programs you copied but did not wholly choose are a source of confusion and negativity. The programming you did choose is a source of strength, fortitude, and grace.  As you wake up to your own ability to transform yourself, the reality of who you have been embodying becomes clear. 

Avatarism works by helping you experience other archetypes and skill sets that you may not have allowed yourself access to because of your past programming or social constraints. These “programs” that your brain is running may not have been wholly chosen by you, but were forced upon you by parents and your environment before you even knew what choice was.

These old and degenerate programs block you from direct access to your highest vision of yourself and, if unchecked, will direct you back again and again to those places and actions that cause you pain. Avatarism puts you in service to yourself, as your own best friend or avdocate. In Avatarism’s experiential games, we alter old patterns and create new and engaging ones to take us into states of infinite confidence, ultimate mastery, and unbridled happiness. So don’t be hard on yourself for having some problems in life, you can do something about it!

The negative/self limiting/degenerate programs you have been running are overwritten with a more compelling narrative and the old programs are truncated, flattened and reduced to a non-threatening size. You step back from yourself for a moment and theorize a new version of you, more authentic in your vision, your speech, your love, and your ego. 

The game of Avatarism provides a framework for fearless/fun self examination and a choice to embody specific, self chosen traits, skills, missions and quests. If you play in earnest, Avatarism gives players the the possibility of transmogrification or “magickal" transformation of the default character into a rarified character. A kind of alchemical transmutation where the base metal of the self is made more pure, more specific and more valuable by the process.

Avatarism is based on brain science, neurolinguistic programming, ritual theatre, specially designed Avatarism games, and powerful, transformational workshop techniques. 


Avatarism is an easy, fun, and powerful way to permanently change the quality of your character, heal yourself,and find completely new ways of being.  When you discover the path to investing in your character, you discover your true self. 

Avatarism is powerful because it helps you learn about and transform the quality of your own character. In Avatarism workshops and one on one training, I use impact-oriented games and direct, experiential processes to help you craft your own character design based on personal choice, free will, and fearless play.

Avatarism is workable technology for creating the “you,” that you always knew you wanted to be, but did not know how to achieve.

Avatarism shows you how to transform yourself very rapidly. 

You will learn how to take on new skills and embody new archetypes while preserving all the wonderful qualities you already possess. 

The ability to change yourself is ultimate freedom.

 As you learn the game of Avatarism, states of happiness, peace, and bliss will be available to you.

The only constant in life is change, and through Avatarism, we can become an expert at the "change game."

The way to up-level is not to lament about past failures, emotions, and stories, but to tap into embodiment of the things, actions and character traits that we DO want and begin to sail in this new direction.

Avatarism is something we have all been doing already in some way. Through books, movies, hero worship, collecting skills over a lifetime, or even at Halloween when we transform into a completely new character and realize the freedom and joy that it brings. Avatarism will allow you to embody these characteristics and skills constantly, especially when the going gets tough and when old programs threaten to take over "for your own good.”

Avatarism may be the most fun and powerful game you will ever play, because the result is your true personhood, being fully awakened, and having access to immense pleasure in your lifetime.

Some of the important concepts within Avatarism are:

1. Conscious character creation

2. Embodiment

3. Skill Collecting

4. Mastery

5. Upleveling

6. Upholding

7. Fermenting culture and community


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