Last night in my bedroom in Hollywood, I heard a bird going through his mating call, in what seemed like an endless, non repeating, stream of car alarm chirps and siren sounds that reflect the dense urban area I live in. Birds are impacted by the sound-stream around them. The bird has no choice but to copy. It has been observed that monkeys, crows, and all sorts of other sentient life can pass memes to one another. This means, from humans on down, culture is behavior, and behavior is modifiable.

Our “always on and recording,” brain may not distinguish the difference between what we say and what we hear. It copies and files both. So we may understand that the subconscious must collect and assign importance to the more intense, or more oft repeated phrases or happenings,  whatever they might be. 

Be a mind-full of possibilities for the highest good. Fill your mind with self created memes of good will toward self.

“Choose wisely, for the memes we create…. reverberate.”-iRev

Just think of how many ideas and suggestions are thrown at you from people places and things, billboards, internet radio and tv memes, add to that, the ones we repeat in our heads…..we need a little more conscious self meme-ing to balance it all  out.

The word, is the wand.

To meme yourself can be powerful, transformational, linguistic magic. Focus on your intention, solidify that intention with dramatic ritual, meme the F*ck outta yourself, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

“Intention can look like action, but look closer. Intention has no action, only tension.”

-Alexander Polinsky 2012

Loving you,

Alexander Polinsky

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