Trolls abound in the world of the inter webs. A troll is a person, who sits at their little screen, and makes comments that disturb, bother, inflict, cause harm, and generally vent the ugly mood of the writer to the world. I got one such comment today on my youtube channel. I was so taken aback by the anonymous trolling, that I looked into this person’s comment history and found that he was spreading hate speech all over the site. Attacking people who go to the Rainbow Gathering festival. His comments ranged from rude, to outright violent even so far as wishing death on the people of this group.

The Rainbow is a peaceful nomadic event that occupies a forrest on July 4th and prays for world peace. I have been to this event and call it one of my home away from homes. I was deeply angered by this person’s attacks and decided to report him to youtube as a source of hate speech. I could have left it at that, but I went on to condemn him personally, and use my creative powers of drama to try to destroy part of his joy as well. I saw on his site that, as he was handing out hate, he was also very into The Doors and the Grateful Dead. A music lover. I have invoked the power of Jim Morrison many times in my personal magic and I count Jim as one of my guides.

I told this Troll in a private message that I was related to Jim Morrison, and Jim would have hated him and all he stood for. I asked this Troll to remember how much Jim would have hated him every time he hears the Doors music. I crossed the line. The power of music is sacred to me and I am ashamed to admit that I tried to use this power against him. I felt a surge of hate and vengeance. Then I felt like an asshole.

I tried to sleep, but my head and back became very hot and I felt like I was sleeping by an oven. I kept having hot flashes like this until I came to the conclusion that I had made a grave mistake. Using my powers for black magic is never ok. I felt justified in defending my Rainbow family that has given me so much, but nothing is worth the pain and suffering of another being. I went to my computer hours later and messaged the Troll again. This time I told him I was a liar, I was not related to Jim. I asked his forgiveness and I pleaded with him to give up the campaign of hate. I asked him to inquire of his ancestors for guidance, and I asked him to find his way back home to happiness, health, and healing. 

Black magic is any word, deed, action, or intonation that creates fear, pain, or dread. Black magic works, it works well. But if you are a worker of will, and practice black magic, that same magic will be visited upon your head tenfold. The classic picture of a witch as a haggard, ugly, hag is an accurate picture of what happens when you make your life around black magic. 

Since I am guilty of black magic, I will ask that you learn a lesson from me, do not practice your will in dark circles. As with any good circle, it’ll come right around and bite you in the ass. 

Your word is your wand. Wield your power with love, respect, and forethought. Or suffer at your own hand. 

- Alexander Polinshy

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