I am on this journey of up leveling on the real world platform. I am here for real, feeling my feelings, and taking the hits and lessons, as they come. Some lessons hit harder than a bull elephant on PCP. If you are sober and can really monitor your inner tides, your wildly fluctuating moods, your adrenaline, your dopamine, your body/drug reactions, you are lucky! You are alive and aware, you might also be in a kind of hell. 

Nothing hurts and heals like self awareness. Every snarky joke, every little snide comment, every time you compare yourself to another or deem it appropriate to have any kind of violent reaction on the entire spectrum of tantrums to murder. You kill your ability to love yourself. You dirty your emotional view screen with the crap of a lifetime. Many of my fellow monkey descendents are living in a media induced state of enragement of some kind or another. We/they may think that they are being themselves, but here’s a shock. 

Everything we do is a ritualized performance to show the universe who we really are. Make no mistake, we choose every action and reaction and live with the result. There is no mommy and daddy to follow us around and keep us honest. We have ourselves, possibly a great friend, and maybe a dog, cat, or lizard to keep us in check. Every other creature we encounter is a mirror in some sense. 

Look deep into the situation that causes you pain and disharmony. What can be said about it? Is it chronic? Does it hurt? Does it get me what I want? Does it support loving myself?  Does it help my ultimate goal of furthering my great work? If not, purge the behavior, in favor of another way to be.

My dog is 10 years old and learns new tricks all the time. I have to be patient and sweet with him. So to I have to be patient and sweet to myself. Like my epic friend and art partner Chris Adams says "if punishment worked, the Police would actually be succeeding at their job" Punishment cripples most souls and condemns them to “BAD PERSONHOOD”

I challenge you to begin to monitor yourself minute to minute for lapses in harmony, balance, humor, and patience. Do good things for yourself and feed your body good food and sweet entertainments that teach you more about the best life has to offer. Make the changes in yourself that you wish everyone else would do. 

Be good art, be excellent, be a player, play a good game, and the reward of this magick will be health, happiness, good relations with persons, animals, and lands. Nothing is more important than your brilliant adventure towards the mission of the great work of your life.

Live it up lover,

Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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