The purpose of playing the game of avatarsism can ultimately be;
Power up
Mindfulness up
Character level up
Pleasure up


the knowledge and certainty that YOU create The place from which your pleasure is coming. You are the generator of your own pleasure.Your pleasure originates with you and nowhere else. No book, no preacher, no guru, no god or master can give you your pleasure.

They can be a key to the garden…

But only you can open the door. 

Conscious character creation can be very pleasurable. Seeking and embodying skills and mindsets that you don’t currently possess may help you progress beyond your current level of self mastery and lead to a significant increase in personal pleasure when you realize you can do and be more that you were.

You are perfect, whole, and ready for more.

When you are in the flow of up leveling, mastering some new aspect of yourself, standing on the edge of your known abilities, and looking into the great wide open space of the possible, that is when our reactions and judgements take a back seat and we can feel the real thrill and pleasure of living.

This is why Avatarism is so much fun for people who are attracted to change. 

If you are made of stone and nothing and no one makes a chip in your façade, you run the risk of becoming stagnant, cold, and losing the ability to discern the great things that my lay right beyond your electric fence. 

Without a wider view of the other paths and avatars available to you for embodiment, your scope of vision both spiritually and mentally remains small.

Open your mind. 

Small minds experience small pleasures.

Expansiveness of mind and expansiveness of self understanding can lead to a larger pleasure circuit. 

Pleasure is your birthright.

No matter what your background is, you experience suffering. We all have pain and anxiety.  All of us humans run old brain programs that keep us from seeing ourselves as ultimately changeable. 

How we view suffering and how we maintain pleasure through suffering is important. 

You can integrate your suffering while creating a new brain program that experiences pleasure while the suffering is occurring. 

Avatarism can be the game that we play as we look for those skills and decide that we can embody them, even as we are suffering. 

Creating yourself in the NOW moment not only buffers the suffering but creates a whole new mindset that is based on what your highest vision of yourself may be, and then says EMBODY IT! 

Using the game of Avatarism to ferment your character in this way can alleviate the suffering and up level you into a whole realm of possibilities that are free from holds, considerations, tightness of mind, and a host of anxieties and preprogrammed fears that are not welcome. 

IRev. Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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