Pleasure up 

Rise up

Fill your cup with the best stuff

When times are tough

and the going seems like torture

simplify your mind for a moment

there may be pain and there may be fear

there may even be a dragon

but even dragons and enemies have suffering

we are all in this together

all suffering together

Find pleasure anyway

Up level anyway

Give up the vicious cycle of past and future worry and

Experience the way of the victorious cycle

The self programmable mind is a miracle

Play the game

Embody the sweeter, smarter, more superhero like avatars

Uplevel your skill set, your mindset, and your scope of vision

Uphold the people around you for they are waiting for one such as you

and they always have been. 

You are the most beautiful creature you can concieve and embody

Without question.

Dream into action.

Be Livin’ it

Believe in it

iRev. Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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