If you want to change the world

If you want to make what is true in your heart known to others

and if you want that data to be taken seriously and remembered

Here is some advice

Learn how to communicate to other humans 

Clearly, simply and with conviction

There is a trend among us talking monkeys to use a….

Milk toast?

Half assed?

Limp sausage?

way of speaking about…..

what we really think is important? 


(you’ll get it after you watch the clip)

It may be fear of rejection, or fear or retribution, but as I see it it serves no one to give the greatest linguistic gift you have to give in a mousy and underwhelming fashion with an upward inflection.

I’m not saying yell and strut at people as you elucidate about your wu wu..

But hey….let’s give some thought to how the pearls get cast kids!

This comedian gets it right, and it’s at once hilarious and true.

As I am a reverend of the church of horny/holy/humorous

this guy is gonna get a key to the rectory for sure.

Watch and learn


iRev. Alexander Polinsky

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