Dear self,

Here’s some things to remember about listening.

A master practitioner of any craft can seem like a wizard. 

A master creates wonder and awe in the layman with his skill, confidence, flawless execution, and imperceivable effort. 

In my years as frontman for the Flowtemple art parties,  I became very aware of how much listening can be applied in action. The scene was electric, with painters, fire dancers, musicians, clowns and photographers all interacting and participating. In those wonderfully awesome moments where the musicians, music, dancers, and artists were in total communication, the whole room lit up. Newcomers could not believe that everything in the 5 hour set was completely improvised, “It all seemed so perfect and rehearsed.” In that state I was totally involved in the listening and as I became more aware of everyone. I just knew what to sing, words and melodies came. I ended up surprising myself almost every time we played a Flowtemple Party with how much great art we made in that small amount of time.


allows for 

and welcomes into being

great communication of endless varieties 

Works of immense beauty can be created



And….. It feels powerfully delicious 

You’d think by now 

my listening 

would be a piece of  cake. 

But no

I still have to remind myself 



and in multiples 

of many

Because listening is one of those sometimes forgotten 


When I powerfully listen

I can;

Uphold other people 

Understand complexities

Remember the facts

Marvel in the glory of another’s path

Hear the hidden story

Pick up on wordless, emotional communications

Become aware of subtleties 

Be a less judgmental asshole

Learn self control

Deliver assistance, guidance, and leadership.

Know what the f*&k to say,

and when to say it, yo!

Be funnier and more compassionate

Appear to have psychic powers

Make great music

Dance like a boss!

Sing like a shamanic rock god

Really understand my friends

Be a responsive lover,


pet owner, 


I know you want it

We all want it 

So give it already


Excelsior, ever higher,

iRev. Alexander Niver Polinsky

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