Avatarism is the game of finding yourself.

Who do you want to be, and how can you powerfully create yourself?

There are many characters inside each one of us. Look and see. Dad and mom, friends, movies, books, professors, urges, wins and misfortunes. We are a patchwork quilt of experiences, but many of them, we did not wholly choose. Ask your friends where their views and beliefs came from and you’ll find that most people have consciously collected some ideologies from outside sources and have had others thrust upon them by parents, churches, or groups.

It’s a game - find the best stuff and assimilate it into your character. You are allowed to do this! It’s the best gift we have been given! Being changeable and having the ability to self-program is, hands down, the most effective way to have a happy life. 

What would happen if YOU decided to reprogram yourself?

Could you become smarter, more compassionate, or more successful?

If you could, would you create yourself to be a better leader, lover, manager, or friend?

Can you understand that you and your current state of mind is the only thing stopping you from being the highest vision you have for yourself?

I can’t convince you of this by mere words on a page. You must put away your intellect which says that people cannot change.

Intellects vary wildly, but emotional experience is common. The emotions you feel as you are doing something new, scary, or unfamiliar are wonder, interest, involvement. New neurological pathways are formed as a result of an intense or novel experience, and more lasting memories are created. Your brain is awake and you record the whole experience in deep memory, because your brain has been activated by the excitement, the challenge, and the novelty.

In this “seen it all, done it twice” world, we need a higher level of novelty and a more personal form of motivation to really light us up and get us into a new frame of thinking. The brain can become sluggish if given too much of the same kind of stimulus. In order to impress the nervous system and create new pathways in the brain, we have to engineer awe, fabricate wonder, and mock up interest. We can activate our deep remembering and capacity for brain change by performing transformational Avatarism exercises -

Embodying archetypes and characters

Dramatic ritual 

Tests of courage

Avatar Character Sheets

Avatar experience games

Avatar aphorisms 

Naming ceremony 

We are on the path of creating new and more powerful rituals for ourselves. The part of the brain that creates memories needs stimuli. You cannot sit in your chair, watch TV, eat microwaved foods, and expect to feel as though you’ve lived a full life.

Only through knowing yourself, re-imagining yourself, and honing your own flow, can you see real and lasting changes in your actions and reactions.


The vision map/vision board/ or list of future goals is a sure fire way to overload yourself. Most goal and “to-do” lists are flimsy contracts envisioned with a needy spirit. I have attended many workshops and self help seminars where they get you to promise to do and achieve all these things, and as soon as the workshop ends, you get home and the slipping starts. 

If you create an Avatar Character Sheet and really map out your highest vision for yourself in a fearless and fantastic way, you may begin to live through that vision. You will see with new eyes. Your perception of what is possible will be widened and upleveled. If you tell your closest friends and family members about your new character, you automatically begin to hold yourself accountable and encourage them to uphold your character when you forget who you want to be. You may now achieve the goals and dreams on your epic to-do lists from a standpoint of power.

To fully use the power of attraction, you must first magnetize yourself!

Be livin’ it,

iRev. Alexander Niver Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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