Today I am a zombie. This morning I was a living god, A meathead jock, A slacker, And a wannabe goth. I am called upon to embody many archetypes as an actor. I put my own personality on hold and live through the character.

What does embodiment do beyond a break from the usual reality?

It informs your unconscious mind that there are other ways of being. These alternate personal realities are powerfully impact full and afterwards you are never quite the same.

 Scared of losing yourself? Here’s my advice. Don’t lose yourself. You are perfect, whole, and ready for more. Avatarism is based on acting, ritual theatre, and many ancient and modern spiritual technologies. Use avatarism like a spice. Sprinkle it on a little at a time. When you are ready, a medicinal dose of embodiment may suit your character. But till then, start small. A clown nose in rush hour traffic. A foreign accent at the supermarket. Practicing balancing a chair on your chin. (carefully) Or learning a new word in Russian.

Observe, emulate, embody, uplevel. Try on the hero’s cloak, hold aloft the heroine’s sword, mutate into a beast of unimaginable power. See what you learn.

Avatarism is a game where you get to make up the content of your own character, hone your own flow, and as a result become a gift to the world.


IRev alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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Photo courtesy of the radiant Amanda Sage