You can program your own mind to be your greatest ally.

Avatarism is game that modern people use to change their algorithm.

Its roots are ancient 

Avatarism is a way to create joy. 

It’s something we have all been doing already. 

Avatarism is how we win, when we don’t know we can.


The first time you asked someone out

You psyched yourself up

And you did it

You became the one with the guts

You embodied the winner 

You climbed to the top of the ancient temple

felt for a moment that you were a princess or  a high priest

Realized the presence of other archetypes inside you

You went to see Amma the hugging saint

it changed you

you felt her love for weeks

felt more able

more inspired

more alive

You upleveled

and here’s the secret….it was always in you.

And this is just the start. 

Avatarism is the foundation for a revival of the sacred arts.

Sacred because of their essential importance to humanity.

embodiment of archetypes

collecting and mastering skills

learning to uphold people as they wish to be

all central to the mission. 

Separate, we fight and squabble, for a foot hold in time. 

Together, can we remake the world, while we are still alive.

Be livin’ it, 

iRev. Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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