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Avatarism presents, on the road to happiness….


Avatarism presents, on the road to happiness….


where you could,

Stop….listen….and integrate,

through will, magic,

or meditation, 

and change your operating system.

let all your notions about yourself dissolve, transcend the monologue of the super villain in your mind, stop worrying about possible future outcomes, and take back your power effortlessly.

If you have a super villain voice inside that talks shit to you, then that means you have to acknowledge that there are two people talking here!

Which one do you want to listen to?

Your voice, your speaking voice, the one that comes from your own mouth, that’s the real one. Let that voice come to your aid in times of peril, or rampant inward shit talking.

“You might be crazy if you talk to yourself, but you’re fucking insane if you talk shit to yourself.” - Alexander Polinsky

The game of Avatarism is a way to strengthen character, ferment character, build character. Nothing can be built if the inward bastard has the floor. Unhorse that a-hole with a clear, and loud comunication.

Something like these…

NO! Stop! I have the helm! This life is for living in happiness and harmony! You shut it! Hey buddy, stop with the B.S. This is how it’s gonna go……I am a living manifestation of the godhead in action, meant to create beauty,uphold myself and others in the game. ZIP IT! Get back. Jump back, kiss myself! Hot Pants! This is the prime directive……..


No matter what phrase you use to pattern interrupt yourself, DO IT, START IT, PERFECT IT. 

Life will become easier, more creative, and you will be more accepting of others and their B.S.

All in,

Alexander Polinsky



Avatarism presents, dance your ass off and everyone dances with you.

I want to use this body for a thousand things till I cant use it no more.

I want to love what my body can do

I train my body and give it attention.

I let go

and remember my teachers and wise friends.

Dan has been gone almost a year.

I still miss him. 

I emulate him, burn his words and love into my memory.

I choose freedom of action and fearless dedication to up-leveling.

I will not be blocked from my mission. 

The road is cleared by my intention.

To be the best and most excellent I can be.

actor, artist, musician, gardner, lover, shaman, living manifestation of god(dess)

I can enter any door, I can have any gift, I can manifest any opportunity.

All my needs are met, I am cared for by the richness of my character and my rightful place in Nature.

No one may take my power from me, I transmute pain, regret, betrayal, loss, death, and failure, into art, beauty, understanding, and love.

my voice is my magic wand, I speak the words of power and they uphold me.

I use this body, this time on earth, to live fully, uncovering the mysteries, and learning the language of love.

So I may love, no matter what!


Avatarism is a game of up leveling character through embodiment of skills, archetypes, lifestyles, costumes, aphorisms, and idiosyncrasies. Through Avatarism I found divine frivolity, sexiness, confidence, acceptance, fame, and love. I also found that everything is changeable. If the point is to dance, then change is the dance. Changeability with swiftness and grace. I wish you to be and embody the best collection of data and programs that you can collect, manifest, and apply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Be good art,

Alexander Polinshy