strength in knowing
reminds us
that as we strive for more
we are

what we seek
Each one of us
Perfect, whole and complete. 
We start here as a necessity
with what was given to us at birth
Everyone of us
Seekers in the dust and the wind
Making our daily, hourly, minute to minute push
towards self-realization
Blazing the path ourselves
Shaping ourselves after the highest vision we can conceive
Carving off the degenerate programs
that we did not wholly choose
and consciously creating our character
From the best data streams
and daydreams
wherever we may find them
Collecting skills and up-leveling our mastery
Using words both in speaking and in thinking
to cast a spell
from the brilliant core of our individual uniqueness
that ricochets off the tarnished edges
of a past
best forgotten
And honing our flow

Rarifying our metal
till it gleams golden

and more beautiful
than we had ever imagined……..
then go deep

now deeper


and deeper still

and even deeper……..

to the edge of your innermost dark place

and see the reflection

in the mirror of your deepest self

and just smile

in deepest knowing

that you are sharing this adventure with your biggest fan, your loudest supporter, your most dedicated observer, your favorite co-pilot, your kismet constant companion…….YOU


and before you come out

promise that beautiful shamanic, poetic, wistful, powerful, true you

that you won’t forget how perfect everything looks from the inside

How the concealed and encapsulated awesome creature

that begs to be revealed

is really really really real and 

and when you finally emerge from the cave
from your rest and healing
from your innermost wanting
and skillful collecting
you’ll have new superpowers
new words
new shape
and new form with which to play
and so…
you rise…

I am!
The source of my own enlightenment

I am!
The one who lights up the world

I am! 
The same primal stuff
that the fluffy clouds
and ancients stars
are made of

I am!
The igniter of my own inner furnace
possessing the heat and the bellows
to recast the old form

I am!
The bringer of fire
to the ones who are in darkness
for when they can see
they will uphold me

I am!
The master magician, the god(dess)
The healer, the trickster, the poet
conjuring the great work of my life
Just to see how it illuminates the world

I am!
A flame wielding
warrior artist
playing an ancient game
without end
without giving in
to fear
and flowing


I’m in! 

iRev. Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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