1. transform, esp. in a surprising or magical manner.

It is a well known fact of life that success does not necessarily bring happiness. Many of us good people find that even as we make money, build families, and acheive important milestones in life, there is an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with what we have done and who we’ve become. 

After starring in a hit Television show and being featured in all the teen magazines as a young man, many of my peers thought I had it all. The car, the house, the girl, the career. That was a stark contrast to how I felt inside. I was a walking, talking bundle of confusion.  All of that success at such a young age gave me bravado, a kind of confidence, sure, but no wisdom. I found myself in a spiral of consumerism and depression. I really thought that my success could buy my happiness some way somehow and so I threw money at my sadness, and prescription drugs at my mind. None of this seemed to help until i pulled the cord, got off the bus, and began a process of fierce self-examination and self-transmogrification.

With so many people on the earth and so much information available to us, there seems to be widespread confusion as to where we should point our spiritual/philosophical compasses. So we freeze, hold on to old ideals or the ones given to us by so called popular experts who are spewing the same old data that the establishment approves. As I see it, this leads to mass homogenization of ideas, creates a culture of mundane personalities, and fosters a stagnate, bobble-headed, self hating population. 

So I say this to you…….

In the event of stagnation and self hatred 

Pull the cord

If bad dreams and regrets are on the bus with you as you ride through life

pull the cord

When you get tired of your twisting, turning and confusing view of the wicked world

Pull the cord

when you get bored and unhappy with your life, unsatisfied with your character, sick of your mission (or lack thereof), and when you finally wipe the screen clean of all the illusion that something or someone is to blame….

You find that the answer is not anywhere out there

The cord is within

I like to think about archetypes as role models, new skill sets as vehicles, and fantasy characters as transforming influencers because they have worked that way for us as long as we have been here. 

Character traits of masters, skill sets of Jedis, the personality of the winner. Have you tried them on?

Not cosmetic or superfluous, these self defined parameters or character altering mutagens run as deep as you let them. If you let them. So, get it in!

Jesus was trying to say he was god, we are all god, or sons and daughters of god. If you let this idea into your heart/mind and let it take root there in a non egomaniacal way, what changes will occur?

If you take the teachings of Buddha and use them to alter your consciousness for good, what new skills will you learn and who will you become?

If you want to be Batman, or Indiana Jones, or Luke Skywalker, or Rainbow Bright, or even some custom hybrid of Kermit the frog and Jim Morrison…..What will these characters bring to your life once they have been embodied?

Speaking as one who has been transformed from this kind of embodiment I can say that it is both easy and difficult. Easy to start and difficult to describe. Easy to embody and hard to forget once tried. Easy to begin and difficult to master.  If you undertake to up level your character, you may never be the same again. 

I began slowly, collecting people and experiences. I would meet a great person or come up against a great idea and I would let myself get excited. Suspending my disbelief that there was any separation between me and this great new thing helped me to remember that wisdom is alive.

Because of my background in acting It may be easier for me than others, but as an acting teacher I have seen novices take to this skill with lightning speed. Avatarism is the game of embodiment and we have been playing this game forever so don’t worry to much about it, and don’t push it. Let it happen. Want it, and reach for it, but be kind to yourself in the beginning. Remember that it’s important, not serious and all new things can seem odd or fake, till they don’t.

All of us humans copied our parents and our friends when our personalities were forming. We lived through movies, TV shows, comics, and books. We played games and had intense fantasy lives in the forests and on the playgrounds. Remember the feeling of elastic mindedness when you were young? It’s still there, even if it’s been dormant for years. There is no age limit on brain plasticity as science has shown us. Myelin is the stuff in your brain that can build new pathways for your entire lifetime so “no excuses please." 

We all share the same current of excitement when we experience something new that lights us on fire, and rekindles our thirst for life. Avatarism is simple, fun to try and furthermore this game is ageless and without borders. 

As you transform yourself piece by piece, you walk through the fire of self doubt and in the process, burn away old notions of who and what you were. 

The allegory of the phoenix is a story that has survived the ages because of the basic human need to transform. This urge is omnipresent in all of us. We all can be this bird of fire, and raise ourselves up.

From the ashes and the old character rises the new and renewed person. 

The alchemical myth of turning base metal into gold is an ancient story that has enraptured many great minds. Foolish men have wasted countless hours and innumerable years trying to accomplish this feat, and have gone mad trying to do so. The task is never meant to be accomplished for real for it is actually a spiritual code, not a chemical process. 

The base metal is you.

The alchemical secret is the transformation of your base and unexamined self into spiritual gold. Through rigorous and conscious self examination you may create yourself in any way you wish. With the focus of an alchemist you may transform any and all of your base character traits away from the flawed and degenerate programs that you may not have wholly chosen, to a more crafted version of yourself. A more workable and refined character, rarified, and made more valuable to all.

Pull the cord

This human body/spaceship is upgradable. Our minds are programable.  Who doesn’t want to exchange the ingrained, unworkable, and tired aspects of their character for more free, harmonious and pleasurable ones. 

Rather than getting mired in some stringent religious order, losing all originality in a cult, or destroying your sense of self with new age blather, speedy weekend warrior workshops or invasive therapies why not design your character from your own ideas of the perfect person. Why not collect the best that your surroundings have to offer. 

Whatever you choose to transform yourself with, let it be excellent. Let your choices be about your own best and highest vision you have for yourself. Let it take you towards the goal of ultimate victory for yourself first, and then for all life on Earth. 

You are your own highest priority. Without you in working order, we benefit little. 

I have an idea that if we all were acting and embodying our highest visions for ourselves, we would have a chance at fixing the problems of the world.  An army of realized avatars and superheroes bent on saving the world, now theres a idea.  People in fear usually make fearful choices, short sighted choices, choices that are designed to flee from fear…..not fix the system.

iRev. Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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