With the magnitude of choices we are faced with these days, we need a strong sense of self and self confidence to get what we want out of this life. We are being marketed to and told what to buy and who to be at every turn. If you pay too much attention to this rabble you may end up being defined by the things that outsiders throw at you, and not the character traits you would have chosen for yourself. 

Those who can consciously create their own character and develop unique and workable social personality traits are more able to deal with stress, create affluence, and achieve success in the workplace. People with the skills of Avatarism maintain business relationships, create strong bonds with friends, family, and more easily interact with strangers. 

With Avatarism, some courage, and a willingness to play, you can modify the character program you have been running for good. Using the pure positive approach of Avatarism, you can get off the negative, and go forward into the embodiment of the happy and adventurous person you wish to be.

Avatarism is both an ancient, and a modern technique for modifying character and self image.  With Avatarism you can quickly and permanently alter the way you react to stress by increasing your ability to love your life and yourself. People in love with life and themselves are more productive, more fun to work with, and more attractive to everyone. 

Avatarism creates a culture of excellence for the individual and minimizes the negative force of unworkable personality traits by developing a superhuman focus on a new set of self created values and prime directives. 

IRev. Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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