When I was a kid actor on Charles in Charge I came into contact with upwards of 600 people per week. That was how many people came to see the weekly taping. After five years and a hundred or so shows I did notice a lot about the people in the audience. There were ones I remembered and ones I forgot. 

There were ones who looked like they were half asleep but still moving around, there were zombies, followers, nervous ones, the bitter, the sickly, the sweet, the old souls, the ecstatic, fanatic, star struck, and lost. So many different archetypes, and they all filed into our studio and sat there for about five hours each Thursday. 

Once in a while I would meet someone who appeared to be a complete stranger and they’d say “Hey Alex!” I would look kinda stumped and they would get a bit sore and say “Don’t you know who I am?” “Shit,"I’d say in my most honest 11 year old way "I meet so many people!” Which wouldn’t do any good for that person’s ego because it’s just confirming what they secretly know is true…..Their sparkle faucet is at a dribble. 

That means that there was nothing at the time of our meeting that sparked my interest, made them stand out, or gave me cause to think of them as significant. As I write this I feel a bit guilty because I guess I’d like to be the kind of human who finds things in people that I can enjoy, admire, and remember. But alas, this is not so. There are the mundanes, the hopeless, the Abercrombie/Old Navy/ Gap wearing masses who think they can buy originality from a chain store, or repeat lines from the TV or People Magazine, and be a real person. 

If you watch Entertainment Tonight, or Extra, or E! TV, you are losing your mind. Minute by minute, you are giving your brain cells to Proctor and Gamble, Lever Bros, and Nabisco. You are becoming one with the products and celebrities that you worship. The people who actually create the culture you consume are more real than you, and thats just what they want. Stare into my eyes and suck, suck, suck the nipple of mass media. You will soon be as forgettable as a dust bunny in a dust storm. Laughable, and sad, but soooo true. 

Avatarism may be just another word to you, but I caution you to listen to the wisdom behind the ism.

CONSCIOUSLY CREATE YOUR CHARACTER ON THE REAL WORLD PLATFORM. This means, up level yourself from the state of mundane and homogenous, to a creature that gains skill sets chosen by you, and don’t stop practicing till you have mastery of those skills. 

UPHOLD OTHER AVATARS AND THEY WILL UPHOLD YOU. You are not, have never been, and can not exist alone. What we make fun of, hate, and try to belittle, we cannot have. So if you are annoyed by someone making a push to learn, transform, or up level, You will be left out of the game baby. Provide support, love, and acceptance to your fellow mundanes in flux, and you build a support system for present and future awesome. 

TELL THEM WHO YOU ARE AND THEY WILL REMIND YOU WHEN YOU BECOME LOST OR DISPASSIONATE. There is no use giving pity, it serves no purpose other than to soothe a wound. Pity does not heal. Giving a friend a little “poor baby” is a great salve and is a good deed. But in the next moment, a more worthwhile communication is to remind that person who they really are, away from the upset and the hurt. The way to do that is to actually inquire after who that person is creating themselves as. Who do they want to be in their highest version of themselves, what is their Avatar of Power.

Living god

God of love

Circus clown


Sex kitten

Tiger mama

Prince of air

Medicine shaman, healer, or hero. 

If people don’t remember you, it’s your fault. 

I say this unto you, turn up the faucet, be love, be sparkling, look deep into people’s eyes, notice them and listen for the cue to help them achieve their highest vision for themselves. If you judge them not worthy, scary, evil, or vampires, go find someone else to impact, and do it. Nothing happens in this world without all of us. We are one. The rules apply to all. Use your time wisely and for good, use humor love and your inherent appeal, be it sexy, intellectual, quixotic, or any gift the universe gave you.

Just use it. 

Turn up the sparkle faucet and let the world bathe in your glory.

In loving memory,

iRev. Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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