Avatarism presents, “What is Avatarism?” 

“Avatarism lets us all wipe the slate clean and start over as the incredible people that we want to be” -Recent workshop participant.

What is Avatarism?

Created by Alexander Polinsky, Avatarism is an exciting, creative, and spiritual process, where you learn to to transform yourself from what you have been into what you want to become. Based on science, ancient teachings, Jungian psychology, neurolinguistic programming, ritual theatre, and modern technologic culture, Avatarism is an easy, fun, and powerful way to permanently change the quality of your character, heal yourself, and find completely new ways of being.

Avatarism is effective because it helps you learn about and transform the quality of your own character. Avatarism uses impact-oriented games and direct experiential processes to help you to change the most painful or unworkable aspects of your life and craft your own personality based on choice and free will.

Avatarism is a workable technology for creating the “you” that you always knew you wanted to be but did not know how to achieve. 

With Avatarism, you will learn that you are perfect, whole, and ready for more. We help you target that “you” and begin the adventure of building the “future you” on the real world platform.  In Avatarism, we call this phenomena “Up-Leveling,” or the act of taking on new skills and characteristics that improve the quality of life and make us more able and magnetic than we were before.

Avatarism shows you how to transform yourself very rapidly. You will learn how to take on new skills and embody new archetypes while preserving all the wonderful qualities you already possess. The ability to change yourself is ultimate freedom. As you learn the game of Avatarism, states of happiness, peace, and bliss will be available to you at will. 

The only constant in life is change, and through Avatarism we can become an expert at the change game. 

Avatarism works by helping you experience other archetypes and skill sets that you may not have allowed yourself access to because of your past programming or social constraints. These “programs” that your brain is running may not have been wholly chosen by you, but were forced upon you by parents and your environment before you even knew what choice was.

These old and degenerate programs block you from direct access to your highest vision of yourself and, if unchecked, will direct you back again and again to those places and actions that cause you pain. Avatarism puts you in service of yourself, as your own best friend or avdocate. In Avatarism’s experiential games, we alter old patterns and create new and engaging ones to take us into states of infinite confidence, ultimate mastery, and unbridled happiness. So, don’t be hard on yourself for having some problems in life, you can do something about it!

As a  student of Avatarism, you will learn to embody characteristics of power, confidence, magnetism, mastery, grace, eloquence, compassion, nurturing, and even superhero-like qualities, including heroism, strength, valor, and excellence. 

The way to up-level is not to lament about past failures, emotions, and stories, but to tap into the embodiment of the things we DO want and sail true in this new direction.

Avatarism is something we have all already been doing in some way through books, movies, hero worship, collecting skills over a lifetime, or at halloween when we transform into a completely new character and realize the freedom that it brings. The Avatarism teachings will allow you to embody these characteristics and skills constantly, especially when the going gets tough and when old programs threaten to “take over for your own good.”

Avatarism may be the most fun game you will ever play because the result is your true personhood, being fully awakened, and having access to immense pleasure in your lifetime.

The ways in which we can embody our highest vision for ourselves are infinite, but there are a few basic skills in Avatarism that help you form the framework of your practice. 

These are the 7 attributes of Avatarism:

1. Conscious character creation

2. Embodiment 

3. Skill Collecting

4. Mastery

5. Upleveling

6. Upholding

7. Fermenting culture and community 

Being adept at the game of Avatarism is one powerful way to gain freedom, personal magnetism, and make your life more blissful, and full of discovery.

It is impossible to effectively learn Avatarism from this blog or a book; it requires “darshan”. Darshan is the Sanskrit term for “an event in consciousness where a powerful exchange occurs between student and teacher.” Taking the lessons from someone who is adept and skilled in the practice is the only way to properly receive the teaching. 

The Aim of Avatarism is to inspire and assist you on your journey. 

Avatarism is taught in 5 different ways. No matter which one you choose, you will gain the skills that are required to practice Avatarism with confidence forever.

Avatarism Basics Training- 1 day program

Avatarism Uplevel Training- 2 day program

Avatarism Upholding Training (for couples)- A 3 day program for learning Avatarism and discovering the true character of the person you fell in love with.

Avatarism Upholding Training (for families)- A 3 day program for learning Avatarism and discovering the true character of your loved ones. 

Avatarism Adept Training- A week long program for people who want the deepest understanding of all the skills of Avatarism.

Coaching is available by phone, Skype, or in person, anywhere in the world.

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

For a Free Avatarism Character Sheet Kit go to: http://www.avatarism.net/#embody

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