There is a way to up-level your character in the real world platform. You can change your self image from mundane, to living godhood if you wish. You don’t even have to leave your living room. The way to impress your nervous system and change your brain for good is so simple, a kid can do it. In fact, I did it as a kid, and it helped me become a superhero for millions of kids when I voiced characters on Teen Titans, Legion of Superheroes, Batman, Transformers, Ben Ten, Starship Troopers, and more. I am living proof that Avatarism works. 

Before I discovered my power to up-level my character and began to implement my ideas about programming myself, I was a mess. Diagnosed as OCD, borderline turrets’s syndrome, chronically depressed, had repetitive ticks of the hand and face, horrible reoccurring dreams, suicidal thoughts, and taking anti depressants.

Out of desperation and deep curiosity, I began researching meditation, mantra, world religions, brainwashing, hypnosis, bio feedback, meta-programming, brain changing drugs, dramatic ritual, the Occult, brain science, and NLP. I found that all the most effective techniques were using dramatic rituals or games to imprint the person with a new set of beliefs about himself. I was astonished that more people weren’t using these techniques to meta-program themselves, but it wasn’t till my training as an actor intersected with all this knowledge, that I truly found my recipe for up-leveling.

I was a child actor since the age of 4. I starred in films and TV shows, most note-ably  the comedy “Charles in Charge,” (circa 1989) My father taught me the basics of the craft and introduced me to sense memory, building characters, and his training gave me the ability to create “reality,” on stage. I felt different after each part I mastered. I gained the skills and confidence of each character as if I was that character. This was my first lesson in the life changing power of drama. 

Drama is older than language,

we are creatures of drama,

and our world is shaped by it continuously. 

I have coached people by using my own brand of Avataristic dramatic ritual for the last 11 years. I have seen Avatarism work. We can treat people as living gods and see them altered in amazing ways. These formally mundane people gain insight into their old and degenerate programming and rewire themselves. Not only do they gain powers, but they use their power for good, to help others up-level. We can uphold each other to the highest version of ourselves that we can imagine. We can allow our fellow humans to be the superheroes they want to be. Stand back, and enjoy the show. 

“What you can creatively think of, you can powerfully become.”-iRev. Alexander Polinsky

Meditate on your power character, see yourself as your avatar, mock up a spirit army, and lead them into battle against a formidable foe. Close your eyes and become the warrior god, the priest, shaman, or leader of mankind, and when you open your eyes, you will have had the experience in another dimension, that of mind, but in terms of meta-programming yourself, there is no difference. Your confidence and magnetism is increased, you may cry with joy, or stand more firm in your place. 

Try saying this, or writing your own Avatar Aphorism…..

“I am a living god/superhero/star of my own movie, conscious of my power, able to change myself, heal my physical and emotional wounds, and transmute pain. My will is the way. My love and upholding of others, is my gift. My great work is to consciously create my character in the real world. My mission is to start, move forward, and never stop”


We can recreate ourselves as we wish. We can become ethical when we have been evil. We can control our inner voice of fear with a stronger outer voice of determination. I am filled with excitement and hope that Avatarism may be the game that saves lives, creates living gods, and raises our confidence to the level of superheroes. We have no need for violence! We can change the world through conscious character building, skill collecting, up-leveling on the real world platform, and dramatic ritual. 

“We are perfect, whole, and ready for more.”-iRev. Alexander Polinsky

We have so much to do, time is ticking away, the seconds become minutes and hours. There is little we can do to change others, but we can change ourselves, that is a noble game, a great game! I empower you to seek and employ the ideas of Avatarism as I have presented them in this blog. Create your Avatar, elect your own super gurus from the past, fiction, fantasy, and beyond. Collect skills instead of tricks. Forego manipulation of others in favor of a developed, personal magnetism, based on excellence and mastery.

I will be teaching these concepts to anyone who want’s to learn.

The techniques OF AVATARISM are simple and life changing. Please join me in the game.

Be your character.

Be a player.

Play for what you want.

Be your Avatar.

All together now….say YES!

Alexander Polinsky 

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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