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Adey Bell, an Avatarism corrospondent in Southern Oregon writes a brief piece on what can happen if you are, become, or plan to embody a sparkly avatar. “Sparkly” refers to the quality of brilliance and magnetism that comes from a person who is living within their ideal scene for themselves. Happy, productive, self directed, radically self reliant, or just damn fulfilled in their life.

This can create the situation where others see you as the ideal for themselves, either as a mate, or as a role model and that can land you fans, lovers, and even enemies.

The culture of personal transformation that is contained in the game of Avatarism is the doorway for some of us. Others would rather hold tight to what they have, and become rigid. They risk breakdown due to the degrading effect of time and the erosion of all things.

“Transformation is cultivation”-iRev

Best to have a culture of transformation in place to deal with the inevetable life changes ahead. We have a huge job! The people on earth need to wake up to our connection to the earth, the cosmos, and each other. Some just aren’t ready.  Let’s be kind to the mundanes and encourage them. But recognize the dangers! If they spit venom in your face, “shields up,” and get out of there. We have a mission to save the world! No time for evil D-bags! 



Death by Sparkles

 By Adey Bell

Being Brilliant and Integrity can mean:

-people you love may give you shit because you’re happy
-you may loose “friends” because you’re living your dream
-you may constantly confront people everywhere you go because you shine
-you can be ignored, embraced, then destroyed
-you may be ridiculed, written off or laughed at because you believe all the world is love and you live that truth. In the face of what seems to be opposite, you still have the courage to be love
-you may feel utterly alone when those who have lost their faith try to persuade you that yours is in vein.
-you may blast someone who’s tone level isn’t ready to receive yours, and in all good intentions, obliterate their ego, resulting in an awkward interaction where you don’t “see” each other even tho you’re standing in front of them….

it takes courage to be in authentic truth with what is. it takes self mastery to know what your truth is in any given moment, it takes maturity to take inventory of the situation and act accordingly

it’s not pretty
but it’s beautiful


Be well, be beautiful, be fearless, be free,

Be love.

Alexander Polinsky

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