If they are mean and hurtful?

Do not give them your heart.

If they hurl insults?

Do not believe their lies.

If madness persists.

Observe the behavior, learn their game, and If they chase you?

Get the hell outta the way.

What is the Tao of the bully and the tyrant?

They exist to show us our weak spots. 

Where we need to grow and develop deep awareness.

To condition root strength, mental agility,  and temper our self confidence.

but not to much now.

To much contact with these people can lead to health problems and trauma issues.

So to defend thy kingdom;

Beware violent domination tactics of any kind. It is brainwashing. Only YOU are allowed to brainwash YOU!  Beware unhealed abuse survivors, they have hidden issues and occluded reasonings. Beware the braggart and the fear monger, for they mean to capture your attention and then enslave you, while draining your life force or chi. 

Beware your sanity around such people.

Language and behavior can and do act like a virus, and we are susceptible to programming by intense situations and individuals. If you feel a sneaky suspicion that you are being manipulated by the intensity of a person, then chances are, it’s actually happening.


Create beauty anyway. 

And love your precious self enough to get out of a relationship that perpetuates neurosis, fear, or postpones your ultimate joy any longer. 

We are consciously creating our own character. That means we have a right to control what gets downloaded and how.

We are building our own dream on the real world platform because we can. 

We are honing our own flow. 

You and I are two parts of a whole galaxy of possibilities.

Keep close your magic.

Keep aflame your ways of wonder.

Create moments of joy for your loved ones. 

Uphold each other and Uplevel often

Program yourself.

and remember.

Bullies also exist, to create superheroes!

So rise and shine Superman/woman

(From the Sacred Mysteries House in Colorado)

Loving you,

iRev. Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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