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I just wanted to say that seriously, your workshop was simply amazing. The feedback and the way you worked with the group was just awesome and the whole session was just inspiring! I’m going to head out and be “a warrior”.”-J.S.

Avatarism Basics introduces you to all of Avatarism’s powerful lessons in just 8 hours in one day, or you may choose to do the course over two days if your schedule requires.  Each session is two hours long and there are four sessions in total. Avatarism Basics shows you how to consciously create your character on the real world platform so you can begin feeling immediately more powerful, more confident, and more able to uplevel in your life. In the basics, you will learn how to alter your brain’s old and degenrate programs for good and begin crafting new ones that are more appropriate to your current goals. You will understand the game of Avatarism, and how it can help you, your friends, and your family. You will feel free to begin to create the adventure of your life.  Topics covered in the Avatarism Basics Program include: 
Avatarism Basics section 1

  • Overview/history 
  • Degenerate Programs
  • Conscious character creation
  • Upleveling 
  • lessons in embodiment
  • Who are you being and why should they care?

Avatarism Basics section 2

  • Avatarism skills
  • The basics of skill collecting
  • Visualizations (closed eye)
  • The field of battle
  • You are bigger/ you are smaller
  • Avatarism postures
  • Avatar Character sheet

Avatarism Basics section 3

  • Character in action
  • Fermenting culture and community
  • You are the hero
  • Honing skill
  • Emotion parade (for groups of 6 or more)
  • Mirror exercise
  • Your character plan

Avatarism Basics section 4

  • The path to victory
  • Avatar Affirmation
  • Hot choices
  • You can’t fake a phenomenon
  • Renaming and affirming
  • Upholding
  • Community

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

For a Free Avatarism Character Sheet Kit go to: http://www.avatarism.net/#embody

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