Hello friends and my ever growing Avatarism family!!!

It has been an amazing month for me and Avatarism. So much going on and so many upleveling events to share!!! You really can’t fake a phenomenon and this is just the start….I delivered two #Avatarism workshops this weekend at the #Lucidity Festival, Kindred Quest 2015. The workshops were featured as “Altar Yourself: A guide to Avatarism,” and “Avatarism and Radical Self Love.”  The location was perfect…magickal…amazingly beautiful…in an ancient oak forest in Santa Barbara. Featuring music from The Polish Ambassador on the main stage, Magick For The Masses on the Nomad’s Nook Stage, Wild Light, Pumpkin, and the amazing Hart Sawyer to name a few. Thanks to Megan Stone of the Goddess Grove who booked me for the Temple Dome, you rock Megan!

The workshops:

I’m used to doing stage talks at festivals mostly but it was nice to get into an intimate space to craft and play with participants in a workshop setting. This is more impact-full than just listening to speeches on Avatarism. Speeches are super-fun energetic exchanges and nothing is quite like delivering humor, passion and transformational words to a large crowd, but getting a handful of people to do something creatively significant, make some hard/fun choices and finally have some real communication about the things that matter is unbelievably good for the soul and good for the group. It creates a resonant environment that strengthens overall the ritual of togetherness we are creating. It felt like (and I gathered from the response), that my workshops were well received. I was definitely happy and inspired by the work people were willing to do.