Here it is……

I’d like to give you a gift.  It can help you create who you are, change who you are, and if you like...

Never go back to where you were.

Avatarism is a game we are already playing, a game where we embody greatness, up-level our skill set, and uphold each other in the highest vision we can create for ourselves.  Being invested in this game means creating the ability to design and embody the highest vision that you have for yourself on the real world platform.

What you consciously create…..You can powerfully become. 

The Avatar Character Sheet 

This is the same Character Sheet that we gifted to all the participants of the “Awaken the Superhero Within" Avatarism workshop led by Avatarism creator, Alexander Polinsky. The one hour workshop was held at the Lightning In A Bottle Festival in Temecula, California, July 2013.

The Avatarism Character Sheet is a new and powerful way to look at yourself. Like the character sheets used in the fantasy games of Dungeons and Dragons, the Avatar Character Sheet is a tool to help you plot the course of your character within your adventurous lifetime.  It is possible to manifest an overview of your character's heart-centered goals, super powers, life's focus, mastered skills, and make it easier for you to focus your energy in a particular direction and present yourself to others as your highest self.

You are making a map. A map of the adventure of your own self mastery. 

The character sheet is a jumping in point. The possibilities you create here are endless and subject to change.

It’s a fun and easy way to design the quality of your own character, to map the assets you already posses, and to redesign the way you think of yourself. 

Download the Avatarism Character Sheet  with the 16 page instruction sheet. 

It's my gift to you. 

If you have fun reading and playing the game, please help support Avatarism with a contribution. 

Your $1, $5, $10, $20, or larger gift will help me to continue to write, research, and conduct workshops, as well as finish my book and design future versions of the Avatarism Character Sheet. 

Thanks for playing and thanks for your support. 

Onward and upwards, forever endeavor!

~Alexander Polinsky

Download Avatarism Character Sheet Kit

Download Avatarism Adventure Guidebook