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Avatarism presents: “Never be a stranger to yourself again”


Avatarism presents: “Never be a stranger to yourself again”

Avatarism is a game of conscious character creation on the real world platform. We play for what we want. We uplevel and surmount life’s obstacles with an adventurous heart and focused action. We love, teach, embody powerful archetypes, and uphold each other. We heal our wounds, practice good stewardship of the earth, and master incredible skills to serve humanity and ourselves.

Won’t someone save me?

After finding out that we are all alone in our skin and no one else is gonna save us. We get to give up looking, and become our own best friend on this epic journey. We get to build our best friend from the ground up using the best philosophical ideas and workable skill sets we can find. Then, when we attain even a little mastery, we erupt with gratitude for realizing that the happiness, confidence, and wisdom we possess was generated by ourselves, no one imposed it upon us, and no one can take it from us.

For people on the path of victory, there will be many twists and turns.

- Alexander Polinsky

People talk about power coming from money, success, or breeding but I ask you this….If you could walk into a room and be the most magnetizing, full of possibility, clear eyed, focused mind, brightest damn creature there, What couldn’t you do? That is it!  You could start a movement, rise to the top of an industry, have the connections you desire, all because your will was strong enough to craft yourself into a superhero, a leader, a victory-maker, A person that other people want to be. 

Power is not my goal. My goal is about impacting individuals. I want to help create a world where people make their own character. Where they feel free to drop their old programming, circular patterns, unworkable modes of thinking, way of speaking, style of dress, way of walking, eating habits ANYTHING AT ALL THAT IS NOT SERVING YOU FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD, and create a new character. You will retain your body of course, but you might see it change. Avatarism is known to create body awareness and body health as a result. The desire to hone our humanity is universal, everyone is whole, perfect and ready for more, every soul can uplevel, and uphold. 

Avatarism is about building your character with passion. 

I realize that some of the people around you,

may hate you

misunderstand you.

or resent you for being the sparkliest thing in the room.

They try to troll you into submission with gossip, sarcasm, and other kinds of black magic.

Understand that the ones who oppose you for your brilliance are like scared little children who most likely cannot generate the same magnetism as you. They never learned to use seduction to get their way. Instead they play the game of force, manipulation, and deceit because it was what they were taught. Finding out that your programming is flawed or even degenerate, wo……that’s a big one Bob! Hats and wigs off to the one who wakes up, and changes everything for their highest good. That is heroic.

Avatarism coaching could be the thing that wakes you up and starts you off in that whole new direction. New ways of thinking and absorbing information become clear thru training. New pathways in the brain form as we grapple with possible identity additions or subtractions. Mylan, the frilly connective tissue in the brain is produced in the human at all stages of development. At no time in your life do you stop being able to grow new brain cells. This is key to understanding how Avatarism works so well.


I have seen the most interesting changes in people as a result of this work. Attitudes change, life’s work discovered, passion rekindled, and confidence sparked. From the smallest habit like biting your nails or a facial tic to the most troubling like self hatred or violence. Embodying, upleveling, and upholding brings people to center. It makes you the conductor of the symphony that is your life. You feel more and more in touch and in tune with your own unique and powerful vibration. 

You will never be a stranger to yourself again,

if you play this game,

Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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