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Avatarism Presents: Being Imperfect In Relationships


Avatarism Presents: Being Imperfect In Relationships

I realize I am human. Part of the organic makeup of this universe. I am highly specialized for thought, action, and reaction. I am not “THE god,” just one of the many living manifestations of the godhead in action on this platform. I am capable of intense goodness and great evil. I must be in accord with my prime directive if I want to keep my head and do good in the world. 

I aim to be excellent in my actions and reactions, I measure, I stop, look, and listen to the moment I am about to create and use my super awesomeness instead of my reactionary blowhard. This is how I keep myself free of actions that need apology. And, I am not perfect.

If you are in a relationship and you love with a fierce and dedicated heart as I do, you may know what problems can come up. If there is misunderstanding, imbalance, or infidelity, then mistrust can lead to a special kind of emotional stress. The danger feeling, the “not friend,” feeling, dire and painful feelings come up. Sit with them for a moment and see what you are creating, what is real, and what is false. One of the hardest things about loving, is letting go of judgement. In this brave new world of many choices, we are taught by the media that the newest thing, the latest fad, or the new person might be better than what we have now. But every new technology, fad, or person brings a whole new universe of needs, learning curves, and curve balls. 

I understand that my relationship is so important to me that I feel sometimes I could kill whomever gets in the way. No one is gonna take her from me! This is where my ethics come in and save me from taking revenge on the other man. I have the cognitive ability to assess the weakness in the offending body and destroy him with a counter strike of such tactical perfection that he wouldn’t know what hit him. The destruction of his business, his family life, his character, and his inevitable deportation from the country. WHOA! I am a powerfully dark wizard if I set my mind to it. 


If my lover wants to leave me, cheat, or be with someone else, I have to understand that is her choice, her adventure. I have to confront that it might be the end of our relationship, or the lesson that brings us closer.  As Dan Levitt used to say, I can’t have the person who loves me tell me no. We must allow our lovers and friends their path to their own bliss and up-leveling. I will not give into revenge or retribution unless my life is threatened. I will take myself out for ice cream instead. I will up-level my skill set to increase my own magnetism instead of worrying about what may happen. I refuse to live in uncertainty and pain. 

Be kind to yourself and make friends with your pain. Smooth the frayed edges with actions of kindness, fierce introspection, and a spirit good natured inflexibility when it comes to your happiness.

I am a soldier for the cause of my personal truth. I am the Knight of air, on a flying horse, high above the mundane problems of men. I am a living god, conscious of my power, able to re-program myself, and change my brain. I am. I breathe. I love. I let go.

Do not doubt your power to re-program the parts of your bio-computer that malfunction or do not serve your highest vision of yourself. Take care in the fermentation of your character, build it well, and in the final judgement, we will feel satisfied and ready for the next adventure.


iRev. Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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