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Avatarism Presents: Being A Living God And Supporting Yourself

I am creating myself as a living god/superhero/star of my movie every day. That means the confidence that I mock up, is greater than I feel somedays, I do it anyway. The actions I endeavor to take are beyond the mundane and normal self I may have been yesterday, I take those actions anyway. The words I speak and the ideas I communicate are the best and most life affirming/situation changing, that I can muster even though they may be scary or confronting. 

I may feel like shit now, but I know that this is my game. Avatarism can be a religion/path/process of self cultured meta-programming towards the goal of action/satisfaction. I incite a victorious cycle, even when my shadow self says “give up,” “not worthy,” or “hide.” Meta-programming is a skill that can be learned. Robert Anton Wilson wrote that self programming will become more and more important in this century as access to information increases. If we can know ourselves well, we can track our degenerate programming in real time, and combat systemic black magic with positive and creative memes. It can be done. 

Temple Grandin, the famous autistic designer and lecturer was unable to touch others and hugging gave her intense emotional pain. She used her creativity to develop a way to experience the calming feeling of a hug without the human contact that disturbed her. She built a hugging machine out of wood to “hug,” her. Her creative and physical solution to an emotional problem was the catalyst that brought her more into the world and allowed her to bring her genius and wisdom to the cattle industry in which she later revolutionized, and the lecture circuit which she now excels in. Like Temple Grandin, how can we design a system to hug/comfort/or support us in our up-leveling, and quest for our highest vision for ourselves.

“I inspire myself first and then set my sights on the rest of my tribe and world.”

-iRev. Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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