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Avatarism Presents: Kriya Yoga


Avatarism Presents: Kriya Yoga

To create or recreate yourself can be like a journey into the flames. The idea of making yourself more excellent and skilled at living life more or less constantly, can seem like torture, even as you are actively burning up these old habits and old thought programs.  There may be an uncomfortable moment when you realize that these things take work. This is normal and should be expected sometimes. Push through, take small steps, and celebrate victories often. 

Kriya yoga is a rich yogic tradition some have used to find the courage to examine the inner landscape of their hearts and minds. In my yoga teacher training one of the most impactful of the practices was the yogic practice of Kriya.  I have used it to meditate, to watch my mind’s subconscious thought cascade, and to hone my thought flow on the ideas and self commands that serve my highest vision for myself. I used Kriya Yoga to isolate some upsets and impeded flow in my relationship and although it was painful, it helped me make some hard choices that were being ignored.

Kim Knight of Auckland who teaches Kria Yoga gives us an explanation of Kria Yoga.

“Most commonly known through the well-known book ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, Kriya Yoga is a meditative form of yoga which brings deep peace and good health.

About Kriya Yoga: 

Kriya Yoga could best be described as a mixture of meditation, yoga and pranayama (yogic breathing techniques). It is an ancient and powerful system of meditation, which promises enhanced health, peace of mind and a stress-free life. The people of India have practiced it for many centuries under the guidance of trained teachers.

Kriya Yoga approaches the study of the self with a sense of reflection and introspection so that the spiritual traveler may understand the conditions of his / her mind because the ever-changing mind is the biggest barrier to calmness and self-realisation.

For generations, Kriya teachings have been handed down through an unbroken lineage of God-realised masters, which began in 1861 with Mahavatar Babaji when he re-introduced Kriya Yoga to modern times through his disciple Lahiri Mahasaya.

The Meaning of Kriya: 
The word Yoga comes from the root yuj. It has 32 meanings in Sanskrit, but the most appropriate here is to unite. The union of the individual self with the cosmic self, the child of God with God. Therefore, the body with the soul is Yoga.

Kriya Yoga is a supreme science of Self-realisation. It is a scientific technique of action with constant God-consciousness, which ultimately leads to realisation - going beyond the body, mind, intellect, thought, and even the world, to soul-consciousness.

To perceive the soul in every breath, in every moment, in every action, in everything and every being is Kriya Yoga. By the practice of Kriya Yoga meditation, one aspires to lead a life of divine consciousness, which ultimately brings love, purity and joy.”

Avatarism can be a link to a more magical, more powerful, more meaningful existence. Avatarism is a game you play with yourself and the world. Find role models, practice skills, and up-level your character by gaining mastery and honing your own flow. Then by virtue of an up-leveled character, you bring beauty and truth to the rest of the world via your improved, enriched, and emboldened avatar.

We make fearless attempts at excellence on a regular basis and become adepts at living our lives well, because of our willingness to fail, and our inability to stop playing a good game. 

Breathe in and say yes.

Look for co-conspirators.

Become a center of wisdom and skill for others. 

Be willing to change yourself and help others to do the same.

Be a transformational person. 

iRev. Alexander Polinsky

IRev. Alexander Polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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