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Be Not Afraid To Join The Parade


Be Not Afraid To Join The Parade

We may choose

to forever-endeavor towards a goal

never fully arriving at perfect

and constantly changing

because we know that this is the way of nature

and the way of the universe

Change is constant

and will is the tool to hone its main action. 

Preachers and warriors

presidents and kings

artists politicians teachers

Jedi’s magis and friends

we are all here together

all searching for the best possible way

to play this game

Whomever you choose to embody in whatever order or mixture you choose to create, that is your choice . Avatarism is an open-source philosophy for creating your character, fermenting your culture and developing the courage to be a truly unique, alive and self created individual.

The smiling eyes and peaceful posture of the Buddha gave me a gift and that gift is blossoming and growing within me now. I have always wanted mastery over fear anger and judgment and I have the Thai people and their beautiful version of Buddhism to thank for a step closer in that direction.

I except that my character is permeable


I understand that my brain is a bio computer

that can be reprogrammed


rebooted with new information

as it becomes available to me

We are alive

and mutable

and that, my friends

is beautiful.

All that is stagnant is dead.

So seek out all that is living 

and exciting

and new to you

let it permeate you 

let it change you

Let it all in

if it is good

and it turns you on

and it hurts no one

and it makes you think

and feel

and exclaim

I am alive!

Go get it kids
and rock that shit hard because
we only get one life
and this is it
and damn, 
it’s exciting.

Be not afraid to join the parade.

Onward and upwards,
iRev. Alexander polinsky

Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. An open source game/philosophy for conscious character creation

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