Alexander Polinsky is a 3rd generation American actor/writer/artist/musician living and working in Hollywood, California.  He is the creator/founder of Avatarism, the open source game/philosophy of conscious character creation and transformation. Alexander is an actor in film, TV, commercials, and animation. As a singer/songwriter, Alexander co-wrote a recent, chart-topping track in the house/EDM genre: "We Fade," featuring Alexander Sky.

At 7 years old, Alexander was playing in his grandparents backyard on the grounds of Virginia Vista Golf Course in Long Beach, California when he had his first enlightening experience. "One minute, I was playing like any other 7 year old, and in the next moment, I was overcome by a powerful feeling of oneness...completeness...wholeness. I was calm and utterly full of peace, lit up by joy and understanding. It was a real moment of bliss. I was never the same"

Soon after that mind-expanding experience, Alexander discovered shamanism. Books his grandparents kept in their library showed masked and costumed people in Africa enacting rituals and ecstatic ceremonies. "I saw a link between being, doing, creating and performing that made people able to heal themselves, change themselves and become enlightened." In his teens, that discovery brought him to a serious and passionate interest in the mysterious corners of the world which society keeps hidden, and where others find enlightenment. 

Alexander began to study Alchemy, Buddhism, Cosmology, the science of brain change, Shamanism, Egyptian lore, world religions and sects, bio feedback, hypnosis, and transcendental meditation.  


Encouraged by his upbringing up in a creative and supportive environment, surrounded by his family of artists and performers, Alexander found a love of acting and singing.

By age 11, Alexander wassStarring in the hugely successful TV comedy, "Charles in Charge."  He lived the dream of almost every American teenager, appearing in magazines and getting recognized wherever he went. For about 10 years, he couldn't go anywhere in the US without people noticing him.

After his series ended, Alexander graduated with honors from The Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. Alexander worked as assistant director to Vincent Patterson (choreographer/creator of Smooth Criminal, Michael Jackson, Madonna) and assisted Maureen Taupin. Realizing a lifelong interest in molding and casting art, Alexander got an apprentice job as a prop maker (Star Wars, Star Trek, The Mask, Independence Day) which led him to running his own mold shop in a toy design studio.

At 23 years old,  Alexander had a second spiritual awakening while attending a festival on an Indian reservation. "It was like I had been sleeping for years in a tight, ego-induced nervous state. I finally opened my eyes, and the world was full of possibilities." I began reading ancient texts, collecting esoteric wisdom, learning transformational technologies, searching the worlds of spirituality, religion, magic, shamanism and brain science for anything that was workable and useful.

Realizing that the toy industry was not his ultimate destiny, Alexander abandoned his job to star in the groundbreaking animated series, The Starship Troopers Chronicles. For the last 20 years, Alexander has been portraying super heroes, super villains, and quirky characters of every variety as a successful voiceover actor in animated shows for the likes of Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney, Netflix, and Amazon Studios. Most recently, Alexander shared the screen with Liam Neeson in Khumba and John Goodman in Curious George 3.  Alexander is currently in production on three hit shows: Breadwinners, Blaze and the Monster Machines, and Turbo Fast, with a secret new project for Amazon Studios on the way. 

In 2006, Alexander attended the Burning Man festival in Reno, Nevada and had his third and most cogent spiritual awakening. Burning Man is a place where art, music, people and ideas come to co-mingle and mutate. It was here that the seed of Avatarism finally surfaced with the support of visionary fire dancer and entrepreneur Dan "Burning Dan" Gordon-Levitt (Flow Temple,, and Jessica "The Teafaerie" Simon (, Suddenly, the worldwide game of conscious character creation became clear to me; I saw it was a game we were already playing and had been for thousands of years. 

In 2009, Dan Gordon-Levitt gifted Alexander the domain Alexander began writing about Avatarism and developing all the different ways in which it could be played. He began leading Avatarism Superhero Workshops at events like BurningMan, The Onion Church, Pagan Days, Pantheacon, Lightning in a Bottle, Serenity Gathering, Lucidity, Rainbow Gathering, Sky Fire, and Full Circle Venice. 

Humorous, confrontational, and spellbinding are some of the ways people describe Alex's lectures and workshops. Alexander describes himself as a spiritual entertainer in the lineage of Alan Watts, influenced by Ram Dass, Robert Anton Wilson, and Han Solo, with a little Jim Morrison and Kermit the Frog mixed in.  

His upcoming book called "Altar Yourself, a Guide to Avatarism," is due for completion in January 2016.

It's an art book/guide book/work book for adventurous souls, rebels, artists, lovers of fantasy, nerds, and anyone who has the idea that they may be destined for more. 

Here is a list of recent Mission Victories for Avatarism and Alexander Polinsky:

Alexander was invited to produce and appear in "Going Further," the much anticipated documentary film about the iconic Merry Pranksters and Ken Keasey.

He delivered the opening speech at the Temple of Consciousness main stage at the Lightning in a Bottle Festival 2014.

He led the Avatarism: Conscious Character Creation Workshop / Avatarism: Radcal Self Love Workshop at Lucidity Gathering 2015.

April 2015, he was named Reverend of Full Circle Church Venice by the Church's founder Andrew Keegan.

He led the Avatarism: Spiritual Superhero Workshop at Full Circle Venice.

He cowrote and sang the chart topping house track "We Fade," under his music alias, Alexander Sky, reaching #15 worldwide ( in January of 2015 with his collaborators Evan Landes  (GrooveJunkies/ Morehouse Records), Terry Lex, Matt Casseli (My Digital Enemy), and Zulu Records. The song went on to earn a place on DJ Tiesto's playlist and nods from DJ Axwell, Randy Jackson, and Boy George.

Backing up Warner Bros. Artist Holly Palmer with Billy Preston on piano produced by Don Was. 

Out in June 2015, a house cover of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Games" feat. Alexander Sky from the genius team of Terry Lex and Evan Landes (Morehouse Records/Groove Junkies).

Cast as a lead clown NATAL, the largest Cirque Du Soleil event in history.   

Starring in/assistant directing/associate producing and additional dialogue writer on The Last Avatar motion picture from Sacred Mysteries Prod. Directed by Jay Weidner (Director of Gaiam TV).

Singer/Fire Dancer/one of the creators of Flow Temple. 

Clown/Character performer in Lucent Dossier with events all over the USA and Europe. 

Lead in Curious George 3, opposite John Goodman (out spring 2015).

Directed the AHEE "Live In Joy" music video in 2014. 

Performed with his Electro House duo "Magick for the Masses," featuring his partner Chris "AHEE" Adams at Serenity Gathering 2014/2015.